Heartland Naturists

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Is The Heartland Naturists club a family-friendly club?
Absolutely! We do not tolerate activity that is not friendly to children at ANY HN Event. Families are welcome and are present at most of our events. Please note that we have an ongoing relationship with many nudist organizations in the Midwest as well as nationally. We take the comfort, safety, and security of our guests and members very seriously.
Do you have to be a member to attend HN events?
No. While membership gives you discounts to our events and lets you support a Kansas City nudist organization, it is not required to attend HN events.
I attended an HN event and want to bring someone with me next time. Is that okay?
Absolutely! However, please have them contact us before the event and provide information about themselves. For the security of our members and guests, we do a high-level screening of each person to make sure they don't misunderstand what our club is about.
Is everyone ugly/beautiful/fat/thin at nudist clubs?
Nudists are just like everyone else - they fall somewhere on the spectrum. My response to that question is usually: Go to the mall and look at the first 100 people that come through the door. That's what nudists look like. Some are attractive. Some are not. Some are fat. Some are thin. The point with nudists is - it doesn't matter. Nudists strive to accept everyone for who they are and not what they look like. If you have a problem with self-image or self-esteem, then I think nudism is for you.