Heartland Naturists
2011 Swim Dates
January 21July 15
February 18August 19
March 18September 16
April 15October 21
May 20November 18
June 17December TBD

Swims are typically the third Friday of each month. Swim time is 8:30PM until 10:30PM.

There have been rare occasions when the swim time and/or date have been moved at the last minute due to a scheduling conflict at the swim facility. For this reason, please check this page before leaving for the swim. Any last-minute time or date change will be posted here.

Swims are held at an indoor, heated facility. Please shower before entering the pool to reduce the amount of bacteria entering the pool.

Bring a towel. Leave any valuables in your car or at home. No lockers are provided.

*Members of HN or Lake Edun pay the member rate. Please present your membership card at the check-in desk.

First Timers

First timers must contact the club for swim facility address and driving information. Please provide full name, city, state of residence, and prior experience with social nudism. Give names of any clubs or resorts you have visited that can provide a reference. Be prepared to show photo ID when you arrive at the swim. We do this for everyone's safety.

All are welcome -- singles, couples, and families of any race or persuasion. Children under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

BEWARE -- This is a family nudist organization and NO sexual displays will be tolerated at ANY Heartland Naturists event.

No alcohol is permitted in the swim facility.